Monday, 30 May

We drove out to Calverley on Saturday morning to collect our stove glass and now the weather has warmed up again thankfully!

Four nights back on our mooring,  yesterday we set off again, this time towards Ellesmere Port.

Another of our Golden Nook neighbours pulled out behind us and shared the first five locks into Chester with us.

We discovered they were new to boating and that this was only their second ever trip on the canals.  It was only at the second lock that we realised they really didn’t know what they were doing.  However, by Lock 5 they knew a lot more!  We hope they make it back to their mooring in one piece.  (They were stopping in Chester for a bite of lunch before heading back.)


Lock 2 of 3


Going Down in Lock 2

We carried on down the 3 lock staircase and moored up opposite Telfords.  The view here has changed in the five months since we were last here with the construction of another block of flats and the loss of more mooring spaces here.


After a quiet night I rode the bike to Tescos this morning to get a few items and to take advantage of my “spend £40 and get 10% off voucher”.  I loaded the shopping bags onto the handlebars and pushed the bike back to the boat.

Once the shopping was stowed away, we filled up with water and headed off towards Ellesmere Port.

Two days of glorious sunshine showcasing the hedgerows covered in blossom, and water irises in full bloom.



We’ve been playing leapfrog with the 15 boats heading to Ellesmere Port ready for the skippers’ briefing at 3pm tomorrow and have had various conversations with them as we’ve passed.


After a leisurely cruise we arrived at Ellesmere Port just after 3pm today.   The two narrow locks in front of the Boat Museum were manned by volunteers and we were helped through the locks and directed to our mooring in front of the Holiday Inn Hotel.


At tomorrow’s briefing we hope to get the green light that the weather will be OK for us to cross the Mersey at 5am on Wednesday morning.  Fingers crossed!!


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