Wednesday 25 May

We woke early because we weren’t snug in bed.  A peak outside confirmed that the sun had disappeared and the temperature had dipped again.

Of the flotilla of 15 boats planning to cross the Mersey next week, 12 of us had gathered at Barbridge for the surveyor who arrived promptly and quickly worked his way along the line.  His inspection was thorough and we passed with a suggestion that we consider changing one of the shackles in our anchor for something slightly larger and stronger and think of keeping a knife on the foredeck capable of cutting the anchor rope in an emergency.  He also advised that our navigation lights, which were on the boat when she was first commissioned, have never complied with any legislation and are purely decorative.  It’s a good job we’ve never used them as such, nor are we likely to, as we never travel at night.

We discovered this morning that our neighbour has a composting toilet and so we naturally compared notes.  They too are happy they made the change from a pump out system and the fact it doesn’t compost doesn’t worry them.  It’s easier and cheaper than any other system.

NB Brankie accompanied us back to our mooring as they were heading to Chester for a few days before making the crossing so we got chance to chat a bit more as we worked our way through the six locks.

We paused at Calverley to see if our stove glass had arrived but we’ll have to pop back by car later this week as it hadn’t.  While we were stopped we popped into  the recently opened Calverley Mill cheese shop.   We selected some Cheshire cheese with onion and chive.

We stopped at Chas Harden’s yard at Beeston to fill up with diesel at 60p/litre before carrying on to our mooring.  It started to drizzle shortly afterwards and we carried on cruising under our large golfing umbrella.

This evening we’re glad we’ve got a secondary heating system on the boat as we’ve switched our central heating on.


One thought on “Wednesday 25 May

  1. Interesting that your nav lights don’t meet the regulations. Did the surveyor say if it is possible to fit nav lights on a narrowboat that do meet regs? Thinking of nb Oleanna here.
    Glad you’ve got some heating!


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