Tuesday 24 May

After a good night’s sleep we woke to a cloudless sky.  We intended having a lazy time today and started the day with a cooked breakfast.

Lined up waiting for tomorrow's surveyor

Lined up waiting for tomorrow’s surveyor

Three other boats, who are booked in with the surveyor tomorrow, arrived this morning and moored in front of us.  As we’d each received a full list of boat names planning to make the crossing, we introduced ourselves and stood chatting in the sunshine for a while.

Afterwards I got out our deckchairs and settled down to read my book while Storm headed off to the chandlers and came back with all he needed but commented that it had been an expensive shop.  He then set about removing the old glass from our stove door ready for inserting the fresh pane we hope to pick up tomorrow.  The old glass is very scratched and none of our household chemicals can get it clean – not even our pot of Pink Stuff.  In fact, you can’t even tell which side of the glass is scratched as it is completely smooth to the touch.


Our scratched and stained stove glass


Meanwhile Max played happily with “Poppy” the Springer spaniel who lives aboard the boat in front of us.  Poppy kept leaping into the canal for a swim leaving Max on the bank.  I hope she doesn’t persuade Max that swimming is fun!


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