Monday 23 May

We’re under way again.

Dandad might be in bother though as he discovered this stowaway in his coat pocket!


We have an appointment with a Manchester Ship Canal surveyor at Barbridge on Wednesday morning and with sunshine forecast today we decided to make an early start and arrive in good time.

With a full water tank and our boat roof refitted with plank, pole and boat hook etc we left our mooring at 9.15am.


It was so nice to be on the move again with ever changing views. The ducklings and cygnets were out enjoying the sun too.

At Beeston Lock one of our fellow Golden Nook neighbours came up behind us and we shared six double locks with them.  We’d only ever waved at them before as we drove past their mooring.  Today we introduced ourselves and Gail and I soon discovered that it really is a small world.  She had been to the same school as me until age 11, had then left to go to school in Beverley before returning to my school as a student teacher.  Our ages differ slightly but seven years is a different generation apart at school.   I happened to have a whole school photo on the boat which we unravelled and she recognised quite a few faces that we could put names to – not bad when the photo’s dated 1971.



At Calverley we bid them a safe journey as we pulled in and they continued on towards Audlem.  We stopped to order some new stove glass from the local coal merchant and also to take advantage of the services there before we continued on to Barbridge, arriving at 4pm, where we sat out in the sunshine with a cup of coffee.

We were surprised to see that the unexciting roadside pub ‘The Jolly Tar’ has been demolished and the site cleared.  I don’t think it will be missed!



2 thoughts on “Monday 23 May

  1. We are a touch concerned! Yes about the stowaway, but more importantly the worms!
    What is happening to the worms? Are they looking after your mooring for you or are you taking them for a jaunt to Liverpool?

    • The stowaway is being looked after on board. We’re hoping that the worms are too busy to notice that we’ve left them behind as they’ve been keeping their heads down since they arrived.

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