Sunday 15 May

With battery power at a premium when not cruising, we’re trying to conserve as much energy as possible, so that we have enough 12v electricity to power the fridge, charge phones, run the loo fan and the TV and so postings on here are becoming fewer and far between.

On Tuesday we went with Laura and Joseph to Sandwich for Storm to pick up some fibreglass mat and resin before going to the Old Hall for a lovely lunch which Laura had visited before.  The food and the surroundings were very impressive, …. even the ladies powder room!


On Wednesday we used the park and ride to pop into Chester to do a few errands and saw how the new bus station is taking place.


On Thursday we parked in Tesco’s multi-storey and I revisited the fabric shop to see if they had any strong thread suitable for canopy sewing and we also renewed our ‘two together rail card.’

We’ve had a fun few days  this weekend looking after Summer when we’ve been able to plug our computer into a land line and recharge.

A 45 minute Didi-dance class on Friday morning, Summer’s third lesson, saw her engaging in most of the moves with enthusiasm.  She is one of the youngest there and certainly held her own.

She takes after her Mum and Nanny when she told Dandad  that chocolate is only for girls!

She made my day when she told me to “Wait there young lady!”.

Storm managed to escape from playing ‘nursery’ a couple of times to make a fibreglass drip tray that fits snuggly under our stern gland to catch any watery drips in our engine bay.


I’ve also managed to do some running repairs to our canopy where the stitching had perished.  My fingers are quite sore though and I must invest in some leather thimbles as my metal ones are useless.


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