Sunday 8 May

For fear of boring you with news of our lovely grandchildren, we’re finding it difficult to write about anything  else at the moment as we’re spending quite a lot of time with them each week.  This week has been no exception.  The glorious weather though has meant that we’ve been able to play outside a lot.

Dolly's new quilt and pillow

Dolly’s new quilt and pillow

Water play with Dandad

Water play with Dandad

My pretend tent

My pretend tent

What's in that hole?

What’s in that hole?

"Run Dandad, run"

“Run Dandad, run”


On Friday night we were trusted to look after both children and we even offered to do the night shift so Laura could have an undisturbed night.   Summer slept through and Joseph only woke once. I don’t think I slept very much though as with Joseph in his carrycot beside us I heard every noise he made.  We were treated to some liquid refreshment  at lunch time today though as a ‘thank you’ for babysitting.


This week we’ve had confirmation that we’ve been accepted to undertake a cruise to Liverpool from Ellesmere Port, via the Manchester Ship Canal, across  the River Mersey and into the Docks at Liverpool.   This is not something that we can do on our own so we’re joining a flotilla of other boats on Wednesday 1 June and will be guided there by an experienced pilot.  The only thing that is likely to prevent us making the journey is a bad weather forecast.

As part of this trip we need to take the boat to Barbridge Junction for 11am on Wednesday 25 May  (9.5 miles and 6 locks south of our mooring) for it to be checked over by a Manchester Ship Canal surveyor to make sure all is as it should be and that we have the right equipment on board for travelling on tidal waters.  After that we need to get to the basin at Ellesmere Port for 3pm on Tuesday 31 May for a skipper’s briefing.  From Barbridge this is a distance of 25 miles + 17 locks, giving us plenty of time to make the journey.

After we’ve made the crossing we will need to come back via the long way round i.e. via Wigan on the Leeds Liverpool Canal into Manchester.   We travelled that way in the Autumn of 2014 and I’m sure it will look very different in the Summer weather.  Fingers crossed that the sunshine continues.


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