Tuesday 3 May

We woke to a definite improvement in the weather and after a quick bowl of porridge, I took Max for a walk round the field beside us.  The cows that have been residing there since Easter were in the process of being rounded up by a man on a quad bike and they headed out of the field, onto the road, over the canal and rehoused in a field on the other side.   The mooring is now noticeably greener than it was a month ago and it is nice to see the trees in leaf.

IMG_3515 IMG_3861

We weren’t needed at Laura’s today until 3pm and I’ve been promising I’d make some bedding for Summer’s dolls’ pram and cot and so this morning I spent some time sewing.    Storm had some emails to deal with.  We headed out to Laura’s this afternoon and as we did so we noticed we had different cows in the field and many more than before.

At Laura’s I did a couple of jobs while Storm disappeared into the garage to play quietly on his own while Summer was at nursery.

His peace didn’t last long though. I went to pick  her up after we’d been there about an hour and she returned full of beans and made a bee line straight for him, well once she’d given her Mum and little brother a kiss.


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