Sunday 1 May

This week has been spent mainly with Laura, helping her with any lifting, carrying, and driving that needed doing as well as taking care of Summer when she was home from nursery on Thursday and Friday.   Summer is more accepting of her little brother now and is keen to keep him entertained on the odd occasion when he is awake.


On Friday morning Laura and I took Summer for her second dance lesson before we went to pick up Dandad who had moved the boat down to the Cheshire Cat ready for the bank holiday weekend’s visitors.

IMG_3846 IMG_3836

On Friday  afternoon we had a family trip out to Ellesmere in Wales and had a walk beside the Mere to see the new ducklings and admire the beautiful colours of some of the drakes there, before visiting an interesting methodist chapel for sale nearby that Storm had spotted in the local paper and which has ‘potential’.



After a pint back in the Cheshire Cat before tea on Friday, we had a quiet night on our own before heading to Laura’s on Saturday morning with a chocolate cake, to see family and friends who were coming to see Joseph.

Uncle James arrived first and Summer was very excited to see him and show him her little brother.  She was quite a bit shyer when her second cousins arrived and when she couldn’t persuade Uncle James to take her with him she disappeared upstairs with Dandad to play ‘pretend boats’ on her bed, leaving everyone else to fuss over her little brother.

We’re back on the boat this evening, enjoying the peace and quiet and have taken Max for a long walk this afternoon while it was dry.   It made a nice change from all the rain, sleet and hailstones we’ve seen this week.


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