Saturday 9 April

We’ve been kept busy this week taking care of Summer while Marc and Laura focus on Joseph.  They all came home on Thursday lunchtime and so far Joseph has been very good but his daytime is our night time and the grown ups are very tired.


Summer loves her brother ‘Jofish’ and she was delighted with the Tiny Tears doll that he gave her, even though it cries far more than he does.  The little voice saying ‘Shhhhsh Babes’ as she feeds and gently rocks the doll is so endearing.

We had a walk to the shop yesterday.  When I asked her to ‘hold hands’ I had to laugh when she clasped her own hand rather than mine.  I must learn to be more precise with my instructions.

IMG_3589 IMG_3591 IMG_3604

This morning we had a nice walk to the park  after which she asked if she could have a strawberry ice-cream.  Well it would have been just plain wrong not to enjoy some chilled medication together on such a lovely spring morning.


Wednesday 6 April

After a hectic week we’ve got some news!

Our son, James and his fiance Alison, were married on Friday.  The happy couple looked lovely and we had a great time celebrating with friends and family.


Yesterday our daughter Laura, had a baby boy by caesarian section.  Joseph Marc Eilbeck,  weighed in at 9lb 13.5oz at 10.25am.    This means Summer now has a little brother to play with.  Mother and baby both well and Dad has a grin on his face from ear to ear!


In between, we’ve been busy putting our house on the market as James and Alison now wish to find a place of their own.  We still intend to keep a house in Beverley but are looking for something a bit smaller.