Sunday 24 April

Yesterday morning we walked Max into Waverton to collect the Saturday papers.   It was nice and sunny but cool. The rooftop of this canal-side house provided an excellent vantage point for this little chap.

IMG_3789 IMG_3790

While in the village we treated ourselves to some chilled medication before heading back.

In the afternoon we had visitors who brought us a cake to go with a cup of tea.  Summer, Joseph, Marc & Laura called round on their way back from a drive out; Joseph’s first time on board and he slept through the whole experience.

This morning, while it was fine, we treated our gunwale rust patches with a coat of Kurust before applying a covering of black enamel three hours later.

We popped out to Waverton Village Hall between coats to see what their Table Top Sale had on offer.  We came away with some lovely books for Summer.


After we’d eaten our evening meal, there was some commotion outside our bedroom window and Mummy and Daddy Duck had brought their brood of 12 ducklings to visit us.   They were using our tyre fender to clamber out of the canal onto dry land.


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