Monday, 18 April

As it was such a lovely sunny morning yesterday, Laura rang to invite us to join her, Marc & the children at Tattenhall Ice-cream Farm which is only a ten minute drive for us from the mooring.

12993503_10154561123865329_5057901584590205856_n IMG_3709

We timed our arrival to perfection as they were only two cars behind us in the queue for the car park.  We had a couple of hours of chasing and being chased by Summer who also enjoyed pretending to drive us round the farm on her yellow tractor.     We finished off with some chilled medication.


Summer didn’t want to go home with Mummy and Daddy and asked if she could come to the boat.  After a silent exchange of looks with Mummy, I asked Summer if she’d like to come for lunch.  She was delighted and happily waved everyone else goodbye as she climbed into our car seat  which we have in our car for just such occasions.

She ate her lunch with gusto despite having polished off a huge chocolate ice-cream only an hour before, after which she demanded we play hide and seek.  She said that Dandad and Nanny had to hide and she’d count.  She counted to ten and then announced ‘coming ready not’.   Amazingly it wasn’t long before she found us and then it was her turn to hide.  This game lasted for about half an hour.  With an open plan boat the number of hiding places is extremely limited. We put up the bed that meant she could hide in it or under it, which improved the chances of not being found by 50%!

We then took Max for a walk before coming back to the boat where the best game was pretending that she was spraying us with water from the hose.

Today Marc went back to work after he’d dropped Summer off at nursery and I headed to Laura’s to help with Joseph.   He is such a good baby and apart from when he was being fed he either slept or spent time quietly looking around him in wonderment.    The midwife called at lunch time and she was happy with both of her charges.

IMG_3730 IMG_3728

I left Laura’s just before Summer came home so that she would be able to tell her Mum what she’d been doing all day without being distracted.

Storm has spent the day pottering in the engine bay and attending to some rust spots on the roof.


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