Saturday 16 April


Our usually quiet mooring was a hive of activity this morning as it was ‘crane day’.  Twice a year a crane is hired so that moorers can remove their boats from the canal for renovation or repair or return them to the water.  Fourteen boats were moved between 8am and 2pm today.


Max and I accompanied the paper boy as he set out on his four mile walk into the village of Waverton to pick up the Saturday papers and some milk.   It was quite chilly but sunny as we set out and snow was visible on the distant Welsh hills (about seven miles away as the crow flies.)


Beside the canal we came across this boundary marker  which, once it had been cleaned up by man with knife,  appears to celebrate some 100 year event.   On three sides it carries the name of local places, Foulk Stapleford, Hatton and Waverton and on the fourth side it gave the years 1894 – 1994 and on the top there is a north point.  Despite turning to Google for help we haven’t been able to discover the significance of the 100 years.


On our way back we saw our first swallow of the year and this grey wagtail was busy looking for nesting material.


This afternoon I made some bread  before sitting down with the papers and attempting the cryptic crossword while Storm did the general knowledge one.   The bread won’t last long!



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