Thursday 14 April

Summer had asked to see us today as she’s been at nursery for the last three days.   She wanted us to take her to Soft Play as here she can run free and explore all the different areas.  After she’d said goodbye to Mum, Dad and Joseph she happily climbed into our car and we followed her instructions on how to get there.

Each time we go she manages to reach more as she grows taller and gains confidence.  Today was also the first time she was happy to stay in  Noddy’s car after she’d put the money in the slot and it sprang to life.

After more than an hour’s exertions of climbing, dancing, bouncing and building walls out of the plastic bricks, we were all flagging and headed back home so she could have some lunch and us a rest.

We returned to the boat after lunch and I finished my latest sewing project. This has been a joint effort as Laura had sewn the patches together some time ago and she asked if I could finish it off and so this week I’ve added the border, the piping, the padding and the backing before quilting the finished item.



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