Yesterday we drove out to Upton on the Wirral peninsula to pick up a blue barrel.   This sounds fairly innocent but ever since we had our composting toilet installed two years ago, Storm has been keen to explore ways of creating compost as it soon became evident that it was going to take longer than the three months we were told  for the waste material, as we like to call it, to decompose.  We think it is safe to say that the claims made by the salesman were a little optimistic!

Until January this year with no permanent mooring, we would have had to have carried with us all our spoil, and by now we would have probably sunk under the weight of it all, metaphorically speaking while we waited for  the pathogens to die and for it to compost sufficiently to spread on the land.

Storm has spent a lot of time reading up about ‘humanure’ and has become quite obsessed with the science of this topic, even having visited NASA’s website to see how they dispose of their waste.

A familiar conversation amongst boaters usually revolves around whether one requires ‘pump out or has a cassette’ and when we say ‘neither’ this starts  a whole new discussion.

Storm’s research has also led him to look at vermiculture.  To you and I this means ‘WORMS’ .  It has also on one occasion led to the possibility of cooking said waste to dry it out.   I drew the line at this as having seen the series ‘Breaking Bad’, I had visions of visits from the UK equivalent of the DEA.

His plan at the moment is to adapt the barrel so that it can accommodate the worms who will do the work for him.

I am now hoping that Storm’s research has been thorough and that there are no unforeseen problems as I don’t relish trying to explain to the eight boaters moored behind us who need to pass close to our boat each day to reach their cars, what the ‘ nasty niff in the air’ might be!!

I’m being told I’m worrying unnecessarily – I really hope so!  At least the barrel has a lid that clamps on!

Storm’s latest plan requires some additional parts and so we still have a while to wait before we’ll know whether it’s a success and our next blog will probably be about quilting, or the antics of Joseph & Summer.


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