Monday, 11 April

Well after an anxious weekend we can now relax as Laura has been given the all clear today.

Laura rang us on Friday afternoon asking us to ‘come now’.   She didn’t want to alarm us but her left leg was very swollen and she needed to go to A&E as they suspected a blood clot.  This is one of the possible side effects of having a caesarian.

Storm took her to hospital while Marc and I stayed at home to look after the children.  After being given a blood thinning injection she came back home having been told to go back to A&E if she experienced any side effects.   There was quite a list of possible complications and Laura asked us to stay over just in case she needed to rush off.

Laura was asked to attend for a scan today where they would ensure that there was no blockage remaining.  With the danger averted, she has to continue with blood thinning injections for a few weeks and the midwife will continue to check her every other day.

We’re now staying on our mooring with phones fully charged just in case we need to make any more emergency dashes.   This means we have no excuse but to spend time doing the jobs that we put off when cruising.


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