Sunday 20 March

With a clear diary for the next week and  dry weather forecast, we’ve decided to go out on a cruise and see how far we can get.

We managed to break free from the mud that had gathered under our stern and headed south towards Barbridge Junction.


Max seemed pleased to be back out  on the canal and helping with locks.


Wharton’s Lock, Beeston


Beeston Stone Lock


Tilstone Lock


We filled up with diesel for the first time this year at Chas Harden’s Boatyard.  It was worth their while and they offered us some discount!

As usual we met many boats heading toward us and only when we’d cleared the sixth and last broad lock of the day did we catch up with another boat heading in our direction.

After five hours of cruising we moored up outside the Olde Barbridge Inn where I think we may head for a drink later this evening.  (9 miles and six locks).


Our mooring for this evening


2 thoughts on “Sunday 20 March

    • Sorry, we can only quote mileage to the nearest 0.25 mile so you may well have travelled further than us! We only have Nicholsons to guide us as we can’t cope with anything too technical!

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