Saturday 19 March

We don’t have much to tell you as we’ve spent the last few days simply pottering, either on the boat or at Laura’s.  We’ve been doing little maintenance jobs, a bit of sewing and some babysitting – nothing too strenuous.

This afternoon we took Max for a longer walk than usual as we felt we needed some exercise.   It was a cold, grey day, but it was easier walking as the ground is much drier since we haven’t had any rain for over a week now.


On the towpath opposite our mooring, looking South


The Waverton Institute


Church Manor


Estate Farm Cottages


Waverton Montessouri School


Another Estate Cottage

We left the boat and walked back down the track to the farm from where we crossed the canal to the towpath and turned north towards Waverton.  After a couple of miles we left the towpath and headed along a public footpath towards the Church.  We came out at the junction near the Institute, the School and Church Manor and also passed one or two of the Westminster Estate’s properties that are rented out to villagers.  The estate’s properties are distinguishable by their red paint.

We strolled round the churchyard before following the road back towards the boat and rejoining the towpath as soon as we could.   A walk of about four miles.

It has been nice to see more boat owners at the moorings this weekend.  There has been a lot of activity as owners check their boats after the winter to get them ready for cruising.


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