Friday, 11 March

Yesterday I tried out Chester’s Park & Ride.  Parking in the town centre is expensive and spaces are limited.  This worked well and the £2 fare was excellent value.  All the shops I wanted to visit were within a 200 yard zone of the drop off/pick up near Tesco.   I also managed to do my grocery shop and although the bags were heavy, I didn’t struggle.

In the afternoon Laura and I took Summer to the park where we played hide and seek as well as playing on the equipment.

12800199_10154421463715329_8139922100349253628_n          Roundabout   1934572_10154421463685329_7655916959918887028_n

This morning turned out warm and sunny once the frost and fog disappeared and it was so nice to be able to leave the doors and windows open.

I finished off the second cushion cover and Storm spent time tidying the hedge and bank beside the boat to create a bit more space.

After lunch we went to see Summer who was so excited to see us.   She was on really good form and after having worn us both out she was happy to sit quietly watching Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” from start to finish.


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