Wednesday 9 March

Our hotel booking included breakfast and we were up in good time to enjoy a full English before heading homewards.

The weather was atrocious and the rain torrential and I didn’t enjoy being the designated driver this morning.  Thankfully I was able to follow a large lorry as far as Kettering which cleared A6 of the worst of the standing water and I didn’t actually aquaplane.

The A14 to the M1 was no fun at all with three busy lanes of fast moving traffic.   As a rule I’m used to moving at no more than 4 miles an hour and maintaining a speed of 60 was really quite stressful!

Rather than turning on to the M1 we joined the M6 and headed for the M6 toll which would take us close to Burton on Trent.  We’d arranged to pop in and see Pip and Mick on NB Lillyanne so we could meet their new crew member.  They’d pulled in at Branston Water Park to make it easy for us to reach them by car.     Tilly was a little shy at first but she did let us stroke her before we left.

Tilly Cat

Pip had baked a delicious cake for the occasion and and it was good to see them and catch up on their plans.

We chatted for a couple of hours before we headed off back out into the rain.  The rain began in earnest again once we were back in the car but with Storm driving this time we made it back to Chester in an hour and a half.

The boat was very cold but we soon had the fire going and turned on the central heating for an extra burst of heat.   We went to collect Max who I think had missed us despite being thoroughly spoilt while we’d been away as he’d been allowed into the sitting room for cuddles.


One thought on “Wednesday 9 March

  1. Tilly says thank you for visiting, she promises to be more sociable next time, she was a little exhausted after avoiding the broom and killing her mouse several times yesterday!

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