Tuesday 8 March



Yesterday was a beautiful day weatherise and led us to hope that  Spring had arrived but today the grey skies were back.

This morning we were up early and away.

We took Max to Laura’s yesterday where he will stay for a couple of nights and today we drove to Bedford which involved driving over various canals that we visited last year.  We drove beside the Shropshire Union Canal, the Trent & Mersey, and the Grand Union Leicester Section.

Last year, for Father’s Day, Laura and James bought Storm membership to the Airlander Club.   This club offers members an opportunity to see the latest hybrid air vehicle and Storm had been offered a tour this afternoon.  He was forbidden to take photographs but if you click on the link above, hopefully you can see what he saw today.

While Storm was looking at Hybrid vehicles I visited The Higgins Bedford Museum & Art Gallery.     Here I explored Cecil Higgins’ collection of fine and decorative arts, including world-class watercolours and prints, amongst which was the gallery’s collection of Turner masterpieces.  The gallery also had collections of archaeology, ethnography, social and natural history and I learnt much about Bedford and the surrounding area.  The gallery is is situated in the Castle Brewery and one time home of Cecil Higgins.  It was Cecil’s wish that his collections were displayed in his family home and he was keen to show how the middle class lived in the late 19th century.

Thankfully I was in charge of booking a hotel for the night.  Yesterday Storm said he’d found somewhere for £35/night but on closer inspection I discovered this was in Bedford, Idaho.  Bless him!


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