Saturday 5 March

We spent a quiet morning on the boat.  Den came with a new gas bottle and a couple more bags of coal for us.  He stopped to chat.   Some of the other moorers have been complaining about the state of the potholed and muddy road up to the moorings.   Den said that there was a supply of gravel at the farm waiting to be used but that the mooring owner was reluctant to use it.   Anyway Den popped back later to say that if we moved our car he’d had permission to place some stone so that we could get out of the car onto gravel rather than into the mud.  We didn’t ask for preferential treatment, and I’m not sure what the other owners will think!


We were due at Laura’s after lunch to install the new bookcase.  The alcove had been cleared ready and with Marc’s help carrying the bookcase in from the garage seemed effortless.

IMG_3265 IMG_3291

Marc and Laura had been invited to a neighbour’s surprise party in the evening and we’d been asked to babysit.  However when Summer asked us what we were doing she said “Not babysitting I’m a big girl.  Baby in Mummy’s tummy”.  We  settled for “big girl sitting”.   We gave her her tea, bathed her and got her ready for bed when she asked “Are you going back to the boat Nanny?”

I said we were staying over, she said she’d see me in the morning and she was fast asleep five minutes later and not another peep was heard.


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