Wednesday 2 March

On Monday night we drove along dry roads to The Institute.  We were there about an hour and came out into a dry night but drove through extensive pools of water that suggested it had rained quite heavily in the intervening hour.  Soon after we got back to the boat the rain began again.  We fell asleep to the steady drumbeat of raindrops.

Tuesday morning dawned and it was still raining.  Max went for more of a paddle than a walk round the field and came back with a very muddy tummy.   He was left under the rear canopy to eat his breakfast and dry off while I made some bread and Storm attended to email. By lunchtime the rain had stopped and the sun came out and we headed to Laura’s to do some more work on the bookcase.

Our painting from yesterday was dry and looking good. We began putting all the pieces together.  Once the shelves were glued and screwed into their rebates, we began to put the back on.   Perhaps naively we hadn’t considered how hard it would be to make sure it stood square.   I acted as a human brace to pull and push the bookcase so that the sides were parallel while Storm put a couple of cross braces in place and glued, pinned and screwed the back on.  We then laid the bookcase on its face to allow the glue to dry and closed the garage door for another day.


By Wednesday, the wind had got up too and there were waves with white tops.  The boat  buffeted about and after a morning of looking at grey skies through windows running with condensation we were feeling a little stir crazy.    We decided to go for a drive and headed to Mold  as we’ve never been there before. It’s only about 15 minutes from Chester by road.   The rain stopped just in time for us to get out and explore the interesting town centre.   It was bitterly cold in the biting wind and there was snow on the surrounding hill tops.  The town is definitely worth another visit when the weather warms up, perhaps on market day.


As we headed out of town we followed signs for Theatr Clwyd  as we wanted to call in to pick up a programme.  Most theatres can be relied upon to provide a decent cup of coffee and a slice of cake and Theatr Clwyd didn’t disappoint.  It was definitely too cold and wet for chilled medication today.

Laura rang us to see if we’d like to join them for tea.  We weren’t aware of the weather while there and it was after 9pm when we went back out into the wind and rain to return to the boat.  Not even the telly could drown out the sounds of the elements.  We stayed up a while longer than usual as we didn’t expect to get much sleep but by 1pm it suddenly calmed and it was though someone had flicked a switch.


One thought on “Wednesday 2 March

  1. If you went back stage at Clwyd they have the best green room food. It’s like a really good cafe, all home cooked at reasonable prices. Think I had a really good Mac and cheese about ten years ago.

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