Friday 26 February

We woke to sunny skies again and no frost so we had lots of hot water for a shower this morning.  Today we’re heading back to the boat after a week away.   We’ve had a lovely time catching up with good friends and also enjoying some of the best scenery in England we’ve been extremely lucky with the weather.

Our 115 mile drive back took just two hours as the once slow and winding A590 from the southern end of the Lakes to the M6 is now mainly dual carriageway.

We were back on the boat by lunch time to put everything away, and light the fire before we popped round to Laura and Marc’s as I think they’ve missed us.   While we’ve been away Summer has had Chicken Pox and hasn’t been her usual happy self.   Her face lit up though when she saw us and it looks as though she is well on the way to recovery as her spots are fading.   It was a lovely welcome back.

We were invited to stay for tea and spent the afternoon playing.


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