Thursday 25 February

Last night must have been colder than the night before as we had no water this morning.   We assumed this was because the pipes had frozen and found some flowing water  in the nearby brick laundry building so we managed to have a cup of coffee with our breakfast.

With no phone signal we couldn’t call for assistance but we prepared a text to send and then headed to a height from where we hoped it would be delivered.

IMG_3183 IMG_3184

We parked in Ulverston and walked up through the town toward the Sir John Barrow monument.  This could be mistaken for a lighthouse, but it has never had a functional light.  From the base of the monument you get a wonderful panoramic view over the Lakes and Morecambe Bay.  The monument is 100 feet tall and sits 436 feet above sea level on Hoad Hill, although our aching muscles, which haven’t recovered from yesterday, suggested it was more.

Anyway our message went and we received a reply informing us that ‘maintenance would be notified’, so after admiring the sights around us we headed back down hill and decided to spend the afternoon at the Lakeland Motor Museum.

This was a splendid museum with a varied collection of cars, motorbikes and cycles along with lots of memorabilia.  However, you know you are no longer in the prime of youth when you find that the cars you drove  ‘before children’ are on display…   the Mini, Fiesta, Metro, and 2CV6

IMG_3192 IMG_3191 IMG_3189 IMG_3196

We also spotted a couple of Moulton bikes, and we have three and a half of these at home!


A separate building there houses an exhibition about Malcolm and Donald Campbell’s various Bluebird  land and water speed breaking attempts with replicas of the vehicles used.   After Malcolm died, Donald’s various attempts ended in disaster in January 1967 when he crashed and died on Coniston at a speed of over 300mph.


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