Wednesday 24 February

When we first looked out this morning, the ground was white over.  We decided to have a cooked breakfast while we waited for the day to warm up a bit but didn’t have too much as we knew we were going to be quite active today.

IMG_3114 IMG_3107

We drove north along the east side of Coniston Water and over the top to Hawkshead and then south to Grizedale.  The mainly single track roads with passing places were easy to negotiate  as there were very few cars around.

IMG_3149 IMG_3152

We parked next to the Grizedale Visitor Centre  where a sign advised that a computer had taken a note of our car registration number and that we should pay at a machine near to the Centre when we were ready to head back home.

Wearing sensible footwear, warm clothing, hats and gloves and carrying a rucksack with binoculars, water, food, camera etc we headed out along the trail marked ‘Grizedale Tarn Trail’, following white and green striped markers.  This was described as a moderate walk of 3.5 miles,  and which, according to a map of the trails, would take  us past quite a few of the sculptures that have been commissioned by the Forestry Commission over the years.


After visiting the Tarn we then changed to the green route for a while which was quite easy before finally turning onto a lilac route which was a little more strenuous as it took us up hill and down again a number of times before leading us back to the Centre.

All in all we walked for about four hours and probably covered about six miles and were quite pleased at how well we did given the terrain.   We enjoyed a walk amongst the trees and enjoyed a panoramic view of Morecambe Bay at one point and we only saw one other couple all day.

IMG_3164 IMG_3165 IMG_3175 IMG_3179

We spotted quite a number of sculptures although we were slightly disappointed that whilst the Forestry Commission have been keen to include sculptures here for about twenty years now, they seem to be disappearing faster than they are appearing but it was good to hear that they are expecting nine new ones soon.

When it came for us to leave, we entered the first three characters of our numberplate and the machine filled in the rest and then asked for payment.   It then said we had five minutes to leave the car park so we ran back to the car to kick off our boots and drive off.  I’m not sure what would have happened to us if we’d taken six minutes or longer!

We popped to the Red Lion at Lowick for a drink and to take a trip down memory lane as before we were married we spent many a night in here with friends.   While the position of the bar has changed, it was pretty much as we  remembered.

As the evening wears on we’re stiffening up so we’re not sure what we’ll do tomorrow yet.



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