Tuesday 23 February

Another lovely sunny day and the views of the fells from our lodge are spectacular.

After breakfast we headed into Ulverston to pick up supplies for the rest of the week and whilst there realised that we had a phone signal for the first time since leaving Penrith.  We called our friend Hil who lives on a farm on the fell above Ulverston and she gave us directions to find her.   She said we would know when we’d arrived when we hit the mud.  She wasn’t joking.    Months of rain on a mixed farm of dairy, beef and sheep had caused havoc.

We’ve known Hil for more than 40 years and although none of us could quite recall when we last got together, we  exchange Christmas cards each year.   We still found lots to talk about and then as it was such a nice day Hil took us to see her latest acquisition, a shepherd’s hut that she hopes to hire out as soon as United Utilities have connected it to a water supply.  The hut was beautifully crafted and the interior layout was not dissimilar to a narrowboat.  It had a composting loo too!    I think we may be one of her first customers if we can return when the ground has dried up a bit as I don’t fancy trying to take Max to a hut that is painted white on the inside when all is brown on the outside!

IMG_3100 IMG_3102

Storm and I then drove into Coniston to walk beside the lake which looked so nice in the sunshine.   There were very few people around and it was so tranquil.



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