Sunday 21 February

Frank has rugby training on a Sunday morning so Steve went off with him after breakfast and Jo, Storm and I took Charlie & Max for a long walk through bluebell wood and then back into Morpeth following the river for much of the way.   The bluebells were just pushing up shoots and we could only imagine what a spectacular sight they will be in the Spring.

Jo told us that she regularly sees deer in the woods, and otters and kingfishers beside the river, but today they were all hiding.


She pointed out high the river Wansbeck had risen during the recent floods where the river had risen about 8ft above the level we saw today, and said that you couldn’t see the weir.

We met up with Steve and Frank on the Rugby field and we all followed a muddy Frank back home.

Frank was keen that we watched his Lego movie before he headed off for his swimming lesson later in the afternoon.

After all his activities Frank was in bed quite early after which we  had a lovely leisurely meal.   We weren’t too late to bed as Steve has work in the morning.


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