Friday 19 February

We were up early to put the finishing touches to our packing and walk Max before setting off on our journey.

We’re heading first to stay with friends in Morpeth for the weekend.   We planned a route north along the M6 as far as Carlisle and then across the country.

Storm drove to  just south of Lancaster.  We were looking for somewhere to stop for a coffee when I spotted the line of the Lancaster Canal on our map.  This is a canal we have yet to cruise and one we want to visit before long.   To each the Lancaster Canal by boat we would  need to cross the River Ribble and, if other people’s stories are to be believed, this can be a little hairy apparently.

We pulled off the motorway and after a mile we spotted a canal side craft centre with cafe and pulled in.

After a warming bowl of lunchtime vegetable soup and a coffee we donned our coats and took Max for a quick stroll along the towpath.    We followed signs for the Glasson Branch, and we soon reached the junction.   We both agreed that the area was very scenic and would be well worth exploring.   Boats are encouraged to cross the River Ribble in convoy and it would be nice if we had company through the broad locks of the Lancaster Canal.

Glasson Branch Glasson Bridge Glasson Lock

I took over the driving then and we continued northwards.   Rain had been forecast for most of the day but it had held off until I took over the driving.   The motorway driving wasn’t much fun in all the spray although the countryside past the Lake District was still spectacular.

By the time we reached Carlisle the rain had stopped and we carried on to Haltwhistle where we stopped again for a leg stretch.   Here we came across Tim Foxall’s spatula works and couldn’t resist making a purchase as they were such fun.  We’d assumed he had a laser cutter but all spatula’s are cut out by hand.

From Haltwhistle we turned onto the B6318 and drove through the Northumberland countryside following the line of Hadrian’s Wall along what is known locally as the ‘military road’.   We then travelled along ‘B’ roads to Morpeth, avoiding all the traffic around Newcastle.   It was a beautiful drive through stunning countryside.

We arrived into Morpeth just after 4pm and spent a lovely evening chatting with Steve, Jo and their son Frank, and catching up on each others news as we’ve not seen each other for about 18 months.


One thought on “Friday 19 February

  1. We’ll join you. Mick really wants to do the trip, so do I. Not sure quite when with the commitments we both have. It might not be able to be as “The Wasp” though. Maybe we should have a chat about it sometime.

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