Wednesday 17 February

Monday was spent at the mooring, dog walking, sewing, making bread, more dog walking, cooking and then relaxing to watch a DVD before bed.

Yesterday was bright and sunny with no wind so the morning was spent in Laura’s garage putting a second coat of undercoat on the soon to be shelving unit.   The afternoon was spent quietly and the evening was spent at the Institute supping beer and chatting with the locals.

Today was wet and windy so we had a drive out to Whitchurch, crossing the border into Shropshire for a change of scenery, and to shop before coming home to make more bread, and a cake and to keep warm in front of the fire.

We had a cup of coffee in the Sainsburys store in Whitchurch where a mural on the wall announced that Whitchurch was the tower clock capital of the world.  Having googled this on our return we discovered that:

Whitchurch was once the home of the JB Joyce tower clocks company, established in 1690, the oldest tower clock-making company in the world. Joyce’s timepieces can be found as far afield as Singapore and Kabul; and helped to build Big Ben in London.  JB Joyce no longer exist in Whitchurch.

Those of you who have followed our blog for a while will know that we visited Whitchurch by boat about a year ago when we called in while touring the Llangollen canal.


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