Sunday 7 February

Yesterday we were up early and at Laura & Marc’s for just after nine.  We had a busy morning cutting out a bookcase from the timber bought on Wednesday and altering the bedroom curtains as planned.

This morning we had a bit of a lie in and then we decided to walk along the towpath to Tattenhall Ice-cream farm with Max.


It took us about an hour  as we slipped and slithered in the mud before turning off behind the marina to the farm.



It was a nice sunny morning and we were surprised to see the gorse in flower already.


We enjoyed some chilled medication before walking back again.

We didn’t see anyone we knew but I’d missed a call from Laura and it turns out that they too were at the ice-cream farm at the same time as us.    It’s not surprising that we missed them though as it was very busy as both carparks were full.  They’d queued for ice-cream and then had gone into the soft play area with Summer, whereas we had stayed outdoors with Max.



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