Thursday 4 February

Last night we visited the Waverton Institute, a private members club with a fully licensed bar, in the village of “Old Waverton” on land managed by The Eaton Estate  which is part of The Grosvenor Estate which represents all the business activities of the Grosvenor Family.

Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster, (one of Britain’s richest men) is the current head of the business.

As well as owning land in many other areas of the World, Grosvenor Estates owns much land around Chester including the villages of  Old Waverton, Aldford, Eccleston, Saighton as well as parts of the city centre and Handbridge. It contains some 435 homes, 15 farms and 72 commercial units, four schools and over 10,000 acres of high quality agricultural land in Cheshire.  Eaton Hall on the outskirts of the city is the ancestral family home of the Grosvenor family.

It is easy to spot properties owned by the Estate as many are of a similar style, built in the late 1800’s of red brick under a red pantile roof.

We were made to feel very welcome at the Institute and were introduced over the course of the evening to those members who had turned up for a billiard match.  We joined as members and can now enjoy all the facilities on offer.

When we woke this morning we were both snuffling and we expected that we would spend the day on the boat trying to prevent the spread of germs, but Laura rang to see what we were doing and admitted that both she and Summer were snuffling too and would like to see us.

The morning was spent at “soft play”, sliding down slides and running around, while Grandad stayed at the house working on his motorbike, and the early afternoon was spent shopping with Laura while Grandad stayed at home to play with Summer.

We returned to the boat mid afternoon for some quiet time.


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