Wednesday 3 February

We stayed over at Laura’s last night.  She and Marc are very generous and are happy for us to use their washing machine and so we took them up on the offer.   This makes life so much easier as our engine would have to run for several hours to be able to use the one on board.

Laura headed off to work at 7am and we got Summer up and dressed and we dropped her back at nursery at 8am.  She enjoys nursery, although we had a bit of a long face this morning, and we don’t find it easy leaving her!

Later we headed off to B&Q with a timber cutting list.  Laura has asked Storm to help Marc make a bookcase and, as Wednesday’s are “Pensioner Day”, Storm hoped he would get a good discount.  As it turned out his Trade card got him a better deal but it was just as well we went today as it took us most of the morning to transport the wood home and stack it in their garage.

The plan is that on Saturday morning, Marc and Storm make an early start on creating this masterpiece while Laura and I have a go at extending her bedroom curtains so they better fit their bay window.   How successful we are though will depend on Summer’s co-operation.

We returned to the boat at lunch-time and spent a fairly quiet afternoon pottering.

This evening we’re planning to pop in at the Waverton Institute as we understand that they welcome new members and that members can enjoy the cheapest ales in Cheshire between the hours of 7.30 and 11pm.   It would be nice to find out what else happens there.


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