Monday 1 February

Henry’s whistling gusts woke us at 4am.  We made a cup of tea before settling back down to try to get another three hours sleep.

It was my turn to walk Max this morning and I had breakfast when I got back.   Despite the wind, it was incredibly mild and the sun was trying to shine.   As it was such a nice morning, I spent a bit longer outside setting the hose to fill the water tank and set an alarm in case I lost track of time.   My home-made water gauge works well as I’d reckoned it would take fifty minutes to fill and it did!    I also texted Den to see if he would drop us a couple of bags of coal off when he was next at our end of the moorings.

After that I sat down to continue sewing.  I’m working on a quilt that Laura made a couple of years ago.  It hadn’t coped too well with being washed and was coming apart and so I’ve dismantled it, re-cut the squares and put back together, and then quilted and bound the edges again.   I’m hoping I will be able to deliver it back to her tomorrow as I’ve nearly finished.


Den delivered the coal just before lunch and he stopped for a brief chat before wandering off again.

After lunch we drove out to the Greyhound Retail Park in Chester to buy some perspex.  Storm is planning to make a new window to fit over our side hatch – one that we can lift in and out.    We managed to get the sheet of perspex back to the car in one piece which in the wind was no mean feat!


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