Saturday 30 January

Storm’s been waiting for some spare parts for his Garelli which have now arrived and he was keen to work on his bike which is still in Laura and Marc’s garage.

Storm dropped me off in town as I wanted to go to Abakhan Fabrics, which is just beside the canal at the bridge near Iceland.  This is an amazing shop on two floors where they sell all things ‘haberdashery’ plus a vast range of fabrics on the roll, and also lots of end of roll fabrics, both plain and printed fabrics,  that they sell by the kilo, and all at very reasonable prices.  The shop is always busy with customers and it has many knowledgeable assistants who are keen to help you and they ensure you’re not kept waiting.


My quilting project that will become two cushions eventually

With the arrival of my sewing machine, Laura has handed me a couple of projects she’d like me to look at and so I think I’m going to be busy.


Laura’s quilt that needs some repair

After a successful shop, where I came away with some fabric to finish my own quilting project, I caught the bus to Laura’s and Marc’s where we all had lunch together and after I’d given Laura a hand with a couple of jobs we returned to the boat in daylight.

The papers and crosswords beckon this evening.


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