Friday 22 January

Up before dawn to walk Max before attending an early morning routine hospital screening appointment – I’d had to cancel my original appointment back in September and today’s visit had taken lots of phone calls to find a mutually convenient time.

The NHS was very efficient this morning and I was back out after only twenty minutes!

The rest of the morning was mine to do as I pleased and most of it was spent sitting in front of the sewing machine.

In the afternoon I’d arranged to meet a friend in Specsavers to help her choose some new frames and then we came back to mine for a coffee and a chat.

Yesterday when we were in town we’d popped in to the East Riding Theatre for a coffee and to see how thing were going.  (Before we set out on our boating adventure Storm had been involved with drawing up the plans for the theatre and obtaining planning permission).

It is proving to be very popular and is doing so well that when I’d tried to get tickets earlier in the week to see its current world premier production of Sparrow by Joe Bennett I’d found it had sold out.  Anyway Storm was offered two comps and two seats up in the gallery beside the sound and lighting desk for tonight’s performance.

The Beverley Guardian described it as “Seven dinner guests, a butler and a serving of hilarity, Sparrow is a daring visual feast full of innuendo, bravado, Bordeaux and more than a soupçon of loco.”

We absolutely loved the high energy performance even though apparently some thought it was simply ‘weird’.





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