Saturday 16 January

Max and I were up and out before 8am to meet up with Max’s girlfriend, Poppy, and my friend Cheryl for a bracing walk on Beverley Westwood.   The ground was frozen and the sun was shining and it made a very welcome change from wading through mud.

Storm and I went round to see my Mum and to have a “test” drive in her new Honda Jazz.  I’m borrowing the car on Wednesday and Mum wanted to make sure I was familiar with an automatic gearbox beforehand.   I passed the test!   Not bad after forty years of driving!

We had a quiet afternoon reading the papers and conserving our energy for the evening when we were meeting up with a large group of friends for a meal at the new Indian Restaurant, Rumis.  I have two other friends who share the same birthday and traditionally we have partied together but we’ve not made it to the party for the last couple of years and felt it was time we made amends.   A good night was had by all.


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