Monday 18 January

I was treated to a cup of coffee in bed while I opened my birthday cards.   After a quick bite of toast I set off with Max to rendezvous with Poppy.   The ground was no longer frozen but at least it hadn’t rained any more, although it was hard work walking on the soft surface.

Then it was back home for a quick shower and a change before heading off to the seaside with Cheryl to choose my birthday present.   Storm was happy to leave it to us two to shop as we knew exactly what we were looking for – a Janome sewing machine from the Bridlington Sewing Centre.

On the way we drove through Lissett.   Some time ago Cheryl had mentioned to me about the memorial here to the 158 Squadron who were based here during the war, so we took a short detour to admire this wonderful sculpture as I’d not seen it before – so simple yet so effective.


We arrived into Bridlington to the waves crashing over the sea wall.  Parking in the town at this time of year was easy and we found a space very close to the shop.

The couple who run the shop were very attentive and  I chose my  machine quite quickly.    I picked  the same one as my sister in law, and after a demonstration on how to use it where even Cheryl, who is an experienced needlewoman,  picked up a few  useful sewing tips, the proprietor carried the machine out to the car for me.    While we’d been chatting with his wife he’d also managed to make a repair to Cheryl’s machine.

I’d gone with a rough idea of how much my birthday present would cost  and  I managed to get a 1/4″ quilting foot included in the deal!  My budget was similar to the cost of a second hand Garelli motorbike!!


After also visiting Yorkshire Trading and buying a couple of pots of the infamous Pink Stuff at just a £1 per pot, Cheryl took me to an amazing fabric shop where I resisted the temptation to spend more money, and then we went for fish and chips before heading home to play with my new toy.

I had a really nice day and I received lots of lovely messages from friends and family.




2 thoughts on “Monday 18 January

    • I’m hoping that the sewing machine will provide hours of productive fun and I’m looking forward to trying out the pink stuff if its as good as you say. Stay warm and cosy and mind how you go in the ice. xx

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