Friday 15 January

We thought we might wake to snow this morning. Thankfully the roads were clear, although there was plenty of snow visible on the hills both in Wales and on the Pennines.

I drove and we made good time and when we got home Storm headed off for a hair cut while I finished off preparing some information to send to our accountant.

With the urgent things done, we set out to visit a project that Storm is overseeing, even though strictly speaking he’s now a retired architect.   This project is a Code 6 housing development near Walkington and the show house is nearing completion.   The site is quite exposed on the top of a hill and it was bitterly cold as we got out of the car. It was a real pleasure to walk into the house to a temperature of 13deg C and that’s before the heating is turned on! (Sorry no photos at the moment as I’ve forgotten to pack the lead to download them!)

James and Ali arrived home early from work and rang us to find out where we were so we headed home where they dragged us off (kicking and screaming) to the pub for an early drink before dinner.


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