Tuesday 12 January

Rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, rain and more rain and even more rain!

During the first of the two sunny spells this morning we connected the hose and filled up with water.  The pressure wasn’t good but this doesn’t matter now that we’re not dashing off anywhere.  As we have no water gauge we never know how much water we have in the tank until we run out.   As it was so cold standing outside watching it fill this morning, I’ve made a measuring stick that calculates how long this particular tap will take to fill the tank so that we can leave it filling, set an alarm on a phone, and go off and do something else or shelter indoors!

During the second sunny spell, Den popped down with some coal for us.  Den is master of all services here and he suggested he supply us with just two bags of coal at a time.  I think he’d rather be busy little and often.

After all the excitement I then began making plans for next week as we’re going back to Beverley for a few days on Friday.

Then wouldn’t you just know it?  This afternoon Storm was telephoned by B&Q inviting him to an assessment afternoon next Tuesday. As it would have been messy to rearrange my plans, we’ve decided that Storm will come back to Chester for 24 hours on Tuesday morning leaving me in Beverley.  Storm applied for a part-time job over two weeks ago and we’d assumed he’d been unsuccessful as this is the second time Storm has applied for a job with B&Q and last time they contacted him within 24 hours before inviting him to an assessment day which he had to turn down because he had a hospital appointment.  He daren’t turn it down again!

Anyway fingers crossed that they like him as this will fund his habit with at least 20% discount.


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