Monday 11 January

Sorry if you’ve noticed that we’ve not updated the blog since last Tuesday.  We’ve been at Laura’s looking after Summer and we’ve just been too busy!  When she slept we slept and otherwise we’ve been on the go the whole time having lots of fun.

Dog walking

Dog walking

Dressing Up

Dressing Up



A trip to the Tattenhall Ice-cream Farm was the highlight this weekend.


Ready, steady, go

Lets Go

On the rope bridge

Enjoying the snow machine

Enjoying the snow machine



... bouncing

… bouncing

and bouncing

and bouncing

IMG_2776 IMG_2790

Potty training has been 100% successful and the funniest moment was when she stood up, checked back and shrieked ‘Nanny, Dandad, A Rabbit, Come See’, as we were beckoned by hand movements to come quickly and sure enough the outline of a “wee rabbit” peered back at us!

Waking to the news of the death of David Bowie this morning saddened us and we’ve been listening to our collection of his songs today.

This evening we are back on the boat!


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