Monday 4 January

We must have been tired as it was 10am before we stirred this morning.  It was a pleasant surprise to find it wasn’t raining and so we headed off to Laura’s to do our laundry in the hope it would dry on her washing line.

Storm got a warehouse coat for Christmas to protect his clothes while working on any of his oily projects (he finds them easier to move in than overalls).  He spent the morning in Laura’s garage tinkering with his Garelli bike – no sorry – conducting a technical appraisal!

When we got back to the mooring we were met by Andy from another boat moored nearby who warned us to be on the look out for light fingered strangers with a liking for generators.  He and his wife had discovered theirs had gone missing while they were on board having supper last night and they’d not heard or felt anything. It had been lifted off their back deck and was hidden from view under their canopy.

It is incredulous. We are a long way from the highway and whoever it was would need to get their vehicle down the single track farm road, turn it round at the end, and drive out again without being seen or challenged.


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