Saturday 30 January

Storm’s been waiting for some spare parts for his Garelli which have now arrived and he was keen to work on his bike which is still in Laura and Marc’s garage.

Storm dropped me off in town as I wanted to go to Abakhan Fabrics, which is just beside the canal at the bridge near Iceland.  This is an amazing shop on two floors where they sell all things ‘haberdashery’ plus a vast range of fabrics on the roll, and also lots of end of roll fabrics, both plain and printed fabrics,  that they sell by the kilo, and all at very reasonable prices.  The shop is always busy with customers and it has many knowledgeable assistants who are keen to help you and they ensure you’re not kept waiting.


My quilting project that will become two cushions eventually

With the arrival of my sewing machine, Laura has handed me a couple of projects she’d like me to look at and so I think I’m going to be busy.


Laura’s quilt that needs some repair

After a successful shop, where I came away with some fabric to finish my own quilting project, I caught the bus to Laura’s and Marc’s where we all had lunch together and after I’d given Laura a hand with a couple of jobs we returned to the boat in daylight.

The papers and crosswords beckon this evening.


Friday 29 January

Gusty Gertie ensured we had a fitful night’s sleep.  We were relieved to find that nothing from our roof had blown away in the strong winds.

We’d to be at Laura’s for 11am to babysit for Summer and she was so excited to see us again and played nicely all day.  We popped to Morrisons to do some shopping in the afternoon and she was a terrific guide directing us to the grapes, milk, chocolate and cake!

Her bedtime routine is back on track and a kiss, a hug, and a ‘night night’, followed by her instructions to ‘leave the light on and don’t close the door’, preceded a quiet time and it stayed quiet and ten minutes later she was fast asleep.

Thursday 28 January

We woke early and in time to enjoy the lovely sunrise.


After two weeks of no Summer, we headed off to see her and then out again to a nearby hotel for a lovely swim.   She was proud to show off her new swimming costume which she told her Mum was “beautiful”.

Back at Laura’s we were busy being entertained and ordered around until Summer began to flag and sat down quietly to watch a DVD allowing the adults to chat.

Wednesday 27 January

We both walked Max round the field to try to burn off a few calories before returning for a cooked breakfast.  After that Storm spent the morning at his drawing board and I at the sewing machine.

We had a couple of letters to post and Max and I went out in the afternoon to see if we could find a postbox nearby.  We found one just beyond the nearby church and also found a public footpath that led us back to the boat without having to retrace our footsteps along the road.

We learnt today that, although Storm had done well at interview, he won’t be wearing an orange apron at the Trade Counter this month.

A red sky tonight …


Tuesday 26 January

It started out wet and windy and then just windy.  One strong gust rocked us sufficiently to tip some stuff out of one the cupboards – thankfully nothing broken.


Room with a view

Storm ventured out into the gale to walk Max before returning for a warming bowl of porridge.  The morning was spent dealing with admin matters and then this afternoon we had a drive out to Tarvin and surrounding area for a spot of sightseeing.

A stew is boiling away nicely on our solid fuel stove as the wind is helping to fan the flames.

Monday 25 January

We got up early to wave James & Ali off to work.   After walking Max, we packed the car and made sure we’d left the house as clean and tidy as when we arrived.

We had a good run back to Chester and were back at the boat by 1pm to light the fire before heading out again for groceries.

We popped round briefly to see Laura who was off work today with a trapped nerve in her back.  I suffered with trapped nerves when I was expecting her and I remember how debilitating it was.

The late afternoon was spent back on board unpacking belongings and groceries, making up the bed before preparing an evening meal and sitting down to listen to the Archers.  A quiet night in tonight I think.

Sunday 24 January

Yesterday morning it was nice to see Pauline and Michelle who came round for a coffee and a catch up.  [We used to work together at Northern Foods until we were all made redundant back in 2005.]

Yesterday afternoon was spent quietly with the Saturday papers before we headed out to Nellies at tea-time to meet up with “the gang”.  James & Ali came with us and we decided to order a take-away when we got home.

Today has been spent quietly packing as we’re heading back to the boat tomorrow.