Monday 7 December

While I was at the Docs last week for my regular check up  I picked up an unwanted germ.   I haven’t been poorly but I lost my voice and have spent the weekend squeaking at everyone.    Chatting with our friends on Saturday night when we joined them for a meal at our local Thai wasn’t easy and I hope I haven’t infected anyone with whatever it was.

Anyway the good news today is that the blood test results have come back and all is well – I don’t need to take any remedial medication.  This is encouraging and proves that the new healthier diet is paying dividends as my cholesterol levels had caused some concern previously.


Tuesday 1 December

A successful seasonal shopping trip to York today with my Mum.   I’m glad we weren’t cruising the Ouse today as the course of the river was indistinguishable as we crossed near Clifton Moor, and Fulford Ings was under water too.

By the time I got home, Max had perked up and was feeling much better as he forgot he wasn’t supposed to jump up or climb the stairs.