Thursday 31 December

A double celebration today – Storm’s birthday and New Year’s Eve.

After coffee in bed while Storm opened his cards, a quick walk with Max and breakfast, we headed out to the shops to pick up an indian banquet from Tesco for tonight which we’re going to enjoy with Laura and Marc.  Marc rang mid morning to see if we’d like to go round for the afternoon as Summer was asking for us.  Unfortunately Laura had to work today, saving lives on the stroke ward.

When we left the boat the sun was shining but by the time we reached Marc’s it was lashing it down with rain again and it continued to do so for most of the afternoon.  By 4pm we thought it had stopped and we all headed out for a quick trip round the block to get some fresh air and Summer managed to run the whole way dragging the rest of us behind her.

New Year’s Eve celebrations next …






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