Wednesday 30 December

Our go-cart tyres did an excellent job last night cushioning the boat against the canal edge as Storm Frank blew us about in the wind.

Max and I ventured out into the strong winds this morning while Storm cooked breakfast.  We timed this walk to perfection as minutes after getting back the rain was lashing against the boat windows.

In such miserable weather we had nothing urgent to do today and we decided to stay indoors and set about finding a secret indoor route for our TV aerial cable.  This needed to go behind the fridge, the washing machine, and the base units either side.

Expanding plastic-coated curtain wire seems to have always featured in my life.   My grandfather was a hardware manufacturer and this is one of the products he made and there was always a supply of it in our house.  It has been used for many purposes other than hanging net curtains and today a length of it was used as a mouse with a length of string tied to the end of it, to which eventually the aerial cable was tied and then the cable pulled back.

As the morning wore on, chaos ruled in the kitchen area as cupboards were emptied, shelves dismantled, backs of cupboards removed, to find a route through to the engine bay.   There was stuff everywhere and then we needed to remove the back steps that lead up onto the rear deck.


These steps comprise three storage boxes with lids where Storm hides all his bits and pieces.   This provided a wonderful excuse to reorganise them.   When we finally got the steps out, we discovered a spare dog behind them (well enough hair and fluff to make one) and the pile of stuff had spilled out all over the boat.

By 2pm we’d finished routing the cable, had cleaned up and put everything back and you couldn’t tell there’d ever been anything out of place.


Storm Frank had also disappeared and we took Max for a walk towards Waverton and came back along the back road where we found another pub, The Plough, which looks worthy of a visit at another time.


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