Monday 28 December

We walked with Max into Chester to pick up the car and then drove to Laura’s for a fun day of babysitting.  Summer was on good form and we had great fun.

“Bedtime” was something Summer wasn’t ready for.  At the moment potty training is underway and real success is had after her bath. This could be seen as a tactic to avoid going to bed.  The parental guide-lines were to put her to bed and ignore her but after twice responding to her shouts where I was met by a semi-naked form, carrying a potty, it was impossible to ignore her.  After re-applying clothes and settling her down I went back downstairs and waited ten minutes before going back to check whether she was asleep, this time I was met by a semi-clad fairy wearing silken slippers and waving a pink wand with a star on the end which was waved over me to the words “Abracadabra!”.

Time to be firm so pyjamas were put back on and this time I laid down beside her.  A little hand rubbed my back and I was told “Sleep Nanny”.  Before I was lulled into sleep myself, I resorted to making her another bottle of warm milk which eventually did the trick and I escaped back downstairs!


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