Sunday, 27 December

Once everyone arrived on Christmas Eve afternoon we headed out into the Welsh countryside to the village of Rossett and enjoyed a drink in the one of the pubs there before heading back to Laura’s for a chilli.    Someone taught Summer to ask for a Sambuca (Uncle James) but she was happy to share Nanny’s soft drink instead.


On Christmas Day Santa found his way to Laura’s and we were all thoroughly spoilt, not least Summer who took well into the afternoon to open all her presents.  We had a lovely day with Laura, Marc, Summer, James, Ali & my Mum, eating, drinking and being merry.   Laura had worked so hard to make everything look really festive and her cooked breakfast and afternoon buffet were amazing, and her olive penguins and strawberry santas were much admired.

IMG_2649 IMG_2651

We waved goodbye to the Beverley contingent on Boxing Day morning and Summer helped Storm and I take Max for a walk in the park.  Walking backwards meant this took a while.   In the afternoon we headed out to the Red Lion in Dodleston to meet up with Marc’s family for a drink.   Summer tried hard to lead her four year old cousin, Jacob, astray and we were able to stay for an hour before they got too excitable.   Afterwards Marc and Storm went off to the cinema in Broughton in the evening to see the new Star Wars movie.   After her bath, Summer was asleep within minutes of her head hitting her pillow and she didn’t stir again until half past eight this morning.

Today, Storm and I gathered our things together and we were back on the boat by 10.30 am.  We lit the stove, filled up with water, unpacked our bags, and had a coffee before we got ready to leave our mooring.  We winded and I moved off towards the staircase lock whileStorm worked the locks.   Once we’d cleared the staircase, the locks were all set in our favour.   We didn’t see any other moving boats today, although there were lots of people out walking and enjoying the sunshine.  We made it back to Christleton and were moored up again by 2pm.

We’re thinking about all those boaters caught up in the floods in Yorkshire and hope that everyone is safe.   In 2010 we were moored up and frozen in over Christmas in Hebden Bridge, and on last night’s news, we saw a scary fast flowing river passing the place where we’d moored instead of the peace and quiet that we enjoyed.  Normally canals are safe in wet weather as they are self levelling, unlike rivers whose water levels are unpredictable.  The problem in Hebden Bridge is that the nearby river has burst its banks and the floodwaters have entered the canal.


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