Thursday 17 December

This evening we joined a huge throng to witness Chester return to its Roman roots and celebrate the pagan festival of Saturnalia with a parade through the streets.  The Romans thought the god Saturn would bring back light and summer after the winter solstice.  The original festival was a 7 day feast where the normal rules of society were reversed; slaves became masters and masters slaves.

The parade was a very colourful and rowdy event and people had gone to a lot of trouble making costumes and symbols of fertility that were carried and which towered above the crowd.   Sadly, we didn’t get any decent photos.

Afterwards we called in at The Bouverie on Garden Lane where we bumped into Pete and Yvette from Taylors Boat Yard who invited us to join them and follow them to the Chichester Arms where we got a lock in.   It’s many years since our last one!  A good night.


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