Wednesday 16 December

We had a drive out to Wrexham today as it was such a warm and sunny day.   Over the years we’ve head lots about the town but never been before.

We left Chester via the B5130 which runs south parallel to the River Dee. We crossed the river at Farndon (this village marks the navigable limit of the River Dee) and stopped first in the Welsh village of Holt.  Holt has played a prominent role in history.  We followed the footpath market to The Castle, and from the ruins we got a good view of the course of the River Dee through the flooded fields.

IMG_2477 IMG_2478 IMG_2480

After that we moved on to Wrexham and picked up a copy of its heritage trail leaflet at St Giles Church.  This was quite informative and led us to explore the town more.   There were some confused daffodils in the churchyard!

IMG_2487 IMG_2486

Before we left we bought a praline cheesecake to take to Laura’s as she’d invited us for super.

I was able to give Laura her Christmas wreath and she hung it up in her kitchen window where everyone would be able to enjoy it.



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