Friday 11 December

I’d set my alarm to make sure I was up early to go to Summer’s Christmas party at Rhythm Time this morning.  My Rudolf jumper got its first outing of the season.  After a good Christmas sing song we dropped my car off near Taylor’s boatyard and then Laura drove us all to Aldi where we did a booze run before dropping me back at the boat behind the Cheshire Cat.

While I was away Storm had dealt with emails and phone calls, taken Max for a walk and had  collected some holly and ivy ready for my Christmas wreath making.  As it was such a nice morning, and Storm still had things to do, I went off again and scoured the neighbourhood for yet more greenery.   I looked a bit furtive at times but nobody stopped me and I came back with a bag full!

Due to our extended stay at home we’d also overstayed the limit on our mooring.  We’ve noticed that others seem to be overstaying too but this afternoon we moved the boat the seven locks and two and a half miles into to Telford’s Basin where we’ll stay until after Christmas.  We were amazed to find the basin empty.

We arrived in time to get some coal from Taylors.  Unfortunately we’d missed the coal boat when it came through on Monday.

Once moored up, I started making up the wreath.  Whenever I’ve spotted windfall fir cones on our travels I’ve gathered them up.


I still have enough greenery left to make another wreath for Laura  tomorrow.  [Now I promise this is just a co-incidence that Pip on NB Lilyanne has also been making a wreath today.  I can’t believe how many of these co-incidences there are – they just keep happening!]


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